1. As per the census 2011 what percentage of total population live in the villages in Himachal Pradesh?  : 89.96%
  2. In how many districts mid-Himalayan watershed Development project have been implemented? : 10
  3. Maharaja Laxman sen college is situated at ? : Sundernagar
  4. National Green Tribunal recently banned the mining recently along a river of  Kangra  district named? : Neugal Khad
  5. For which city NGT set up an expert committee to assess the carrying capacity of its hills? : Shimla
  6. Who was declared winter Queen at Winter Carnival Manali 2016? : Ritika
  7. How many employment Exchanges are there in the State at present? : 67
  8. What is the capacity of Shanan Power Project located in Jogindernagar Mandi? : 110MW
  9. The 20th International Himalayan Festival was held at ? : Mcleodganj
  10. In which year Food Security Act came into force in the State? : 2013

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