Himachal Pradesh an Introduction


Himachal Pradesh the 18th state of the Indian Union (Bhartiya Sangh) came into existence on 15th April 1948 as a Chief Commissioner Province (Mukhya Aayukt Kshetra). The demand for an independent hill state was first raised by Satyadev Bushahari a freedom fighter in 1946. On 26 Jan 1948 a conference (Solan Conference) of 30 Princely States was held at Baghat present day Solan headed by Durga Singh the King of Baghat Princely State with the agenda of making an independent hill state Himachal Pradesh. On 8th March 1948 rulers of all princely states signed a resolution and forwarded it to the Central Ministry headed by C.C Desai stating a demand for Himachal Pradesh. As a result of it on 15th April 1948 Himachal Pradesh was formed with the merger of 30 Princely States.